ZAP Announcement - 26/10/2015

ZAP are pleased to announce a new partnership between Ziegra Ice Machines and Suez Water Advanced Solutions UK (formerly Aqualogy) following the acquisition of ADHQ Engineering by Suez.  ZAP Ice Pigging Technology Limited has been a joint venture between Ziegra Ice Machines (UK) Limited and ADHQ Engineering Limited.  

The new partnership brings together a unique combination of experience, know-how, patents, and designs for Ice Pigging machinery that can now be offered across the world via Suez.  

For ice pigging enquiries and interest in sales of Ice Pigging machinery, please visit or contact Suez Water Advanced Solutions UK on +44 1454 804040 or  

For any Ice Machine enquiries, please visit or contact Ziegra Ice Machines UK on +44 161 429 0525 or